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Posts spend a huge amount of time and energy choosing the best load carriers and other assets to support their operational processes. However, such assets can often become lost if they have not been fitted with the suitable tracking technology.
By the end of 2017, K.Hartwall will launch an affordable and easy-to-deploy solution for tracking and managing assets, in real time, in open supply chains. The solution contains cloud-based asset management software, mobile solutions, proprietary network solutions for warehouses, and sensor technologies for the assets. A battery-operated network can be set up in postal warehouses and sorting centres in a matter of hours. Sensors are attached to the assets and a mobile application tracks them outside the warehouse premises. Hundreds of thousands of load carriers can be situated in the same space without affecting the accuracy of the reading.
The solution ensures that collected data is analysed and alerts are created for easy asset management; manual counts and time-consuming manual report creation are no longer needed; optimised fleet rotates faster, meaning asset availability is higher; and asset managers are in control of the entire fleet. Postal operators will gain new real-time visibility of their supply chain by analysing loop times, dwell times and efficiency.
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Future Show: POST-EXPO 2019, 1-3 October 2019, Hall 8, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands