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The Twin Push Tray Sorter will be demonstrated by Eurosort, and is capable of doubling the capacity of a single push tray sorter. It features an extended sorting range of 50 x 70 x 20mm to 780 x 580 x 500mm (2 x 2.8 x 0.8in to 31 x 23 x 20in), and can handle loads from 0.1g to 25kg (55 lb). As a result, the Twin Push Tray Sorter is capable of processing up to 26,600 units per hour via one sorting machine.
A traditional push tray solution works by guiding certain products at a right angle into an accumulation area. The products are sorted by criteria determined in advance by a customer. The EuroSort Twin Push Tray Sorter goes one step further by fitting two pushers per blade to one carrier, with the pushers working independently of each other. Each pusher can push the product off independently or push large products off the line in a synchronised manner. This then makes it possible to sort two small items or one large item per blade.
The EuroSort Twin Push Tray Sorter is suitable for users who require a high degree of flexibility due to the high throughput volumes and variety of product sizes. The machine is well suited to the postal, parcel, retail trade, e-commerce and electronics industries.
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Future Show: POST-EXPO 2019, 1-3 October 2019, Hall 8, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands