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Postal and Parcel Technology International Postal and Parcel Technology International
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Post Expo 2018
Daten: 9-11 Oktober 2018
Ort: Hamburg , Germany


Post Expo 2019
Daten: 1-3 Oktober 2019
Ort: Halle 8, RAI Amsterdam, Niederlande

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Die POST-EXPO präsentiert die branchenweit führende Konferenz zu den Themen Strategie, Business und Innovation

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Day 1

Tuesday 26 September

14:00 - 17:00 - Strategic challenges and opportunities across the postal and parcel sector
Room X

What strategies are postal and parcel operators adopting to
meet current challenges in the turbulent and fast-changing
global markets? How to react to digital disruption - defend,
attack or embrace? How is the global e-commerce eco
system evolving? What kind of leadership is needed in the
new digital world to transform business models and
organisational culture for new partnerships and modes of

Gavin Macrae, senior vice president, business development, Mailroom Assistant, FINLAND

14:00 - Trends and challenges in the e-commerce world: the role of posts
Holger Winklbauer, CEO, International Post Corporation, BELGIUM
Holger Winklbauer will give an overview of the main trends and challenges within the postal sector, with a key focus on the evolution of the e-commerce market. He will discuss the growth of low-value traffic from Asia and how posts, through a greater interconnection of networks, can meet this challenge. Based on the findings of the second IPC cross-border e-commerce shopper survey, Winklbauer will look into evolving consumer habits. With consumer delivery expectations increasing based on experiences with global e-retail platforms, how can posts meet consumer and e-retailer demands for low-cost, reliable and visible delivery of parcels?

14:15 - The e-commerce ecosystem – opportunities to work together
Carl W Asmus, senior vice president, e-commerce/president and CEO FedEx CrossBorder, FedEx Corporation, USA
The e-commerce ecosystem has developed rapidly and continues to move horizontally along the supply chain. E-tailers need innovative solutions to facilitate their growth. Posts, integrators and technology providers will need to think beyond their traditional roles and work together in new and exciting ways.

14:30 - How to lead in a disruptive environment
Shemin Nurmohamed, vice president of document messaging technologies (DMT), Europe, Pitney Bowes Europe
High-performing companies share a desire to win and a strong culture of excellence; the agility to continually refresh strategies; and humility, to admit when things need to change. They use people, data and technology to empower their employees and clients. They focus on getting it right and eliminating risk. Accuracy and precision are everything. During times of disruption, strong leaders are critical in navigating a business to successful outcomes. Shemin Nurmohamed, VP at Pitney Bowes, will share with delegates her experience gathered through expansive change management programmes during her time in leadership roles at Pitney Bowes and IBM, with stories, anecdotes and advice to amuse, inspire and motivate business leaders.

14:45 - Becoming a logistics leader with innovative data capture technology for smartphones, wearables and drones
Samuel Mueller, CEO, Scandit
Enterprises are integrating leading-edge data capture solutions running on smartphones, wearables and drones into their logistics operations to gain competitive differentiation. Learn how Yurtiçi Kargo, Turkey’s largest express delivery company, switched from equipping drivers with handheld barcode scanners to a smartphone barcode scanning app, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) while increasing scanning rates, eliminating manual paperwork and improving ergonomics.

15:00 - 15:15 - Break

15:15 - Digital leadership in the postal and parcel industry
Carsten Siebe, managing partner, Reinecke & Associates, GERMANY
Digital transformation is a mega-trend in our industry, intensively discussed mainly from technological and process standpoints. An under-represented element in the whole discussion is the importance of leadership in that transformation. Carsten Siebe will recap how digitalisation impacts the postal and parcel industry and how leadership is challenged by these changes. He will examine the changing expectations of today’s staff towards leadership, and will look at traditional and new leadership models and values. Based on these findings, Carsten will hypothesise about what successful leadership looks like in the digitising post and parcel industry.

15:30 - How to benefit from disruption in the postal world
Jacob Johnsen, CEO, Ipostes, DENMARK
Based on the many disruptions taking place in the postal world, Jacob Johnsen explains the roots of disruptions, how to prepare for them and how to take advantage of them in your own area. Disruption leads to the reduction of letter volumes, and another disruption gave us e-commerce. You will learn what to do to be ready to exploit new ideas and opportunities in your area of business, and get a summary of what this means for you.

15:45 - Iran’s postal market potential
Dr Mehrdad Fakher, CEO, Tipax, IRAN
With a population of 80 million and constant growth in daily parcels, Iran has created an eye-catching opportunity to expand its network around the world and feed its market hunger. Tipax has recently become the first private postal operator in Iran. Tipax was Iran's first private courier service provider back in the 1960s and is now the leader in operational postal services in Iran. The company has grown continuously, creating the widest network all around the country, building up the infrastructure and modernising its facilities. This presentation will explore the excellent geographic position of Iran and how to create value out of opportunity.

16:00 - Digital transformation of communication and document processes – customer insights and business opportunities for the postal industry
Monika Plum, business development and public affairs, Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG, GERMANY
Digital transformation is one of the key buzz words. But what does it really mean for companies – their communication and business processes? In a representative survey, the entire document process from input to workflow through to output processes was analysed. The results show the areas in which companies have a particular need to catch up and are willing to invest in digitisation. One example is the inbound and archiving area. However, the results also show that there is a considerable need for advice and information, as companies are not always able to identify the potential for optimisation. Suppliers who want to support companies in the field of digitisation should therefore provide appropriate consultancy competence. All in all, it is clear that the digital transformation opens up new sales potentials, and the providers are well positioned to meet the challenge of digital transformation among their customers and to integrate digital solutions into the portfolio at an early stage.

16:15 - Harnessing technology to deliver for customers: from hub to hand
Justine Clark, Industry Marketing Manager - Transport and Logistics, Europe, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, UK
· E-Commerce: e-commerce has forever changed customer delivery expectations, how can this challenge become an opportunity? · How can technology be utilised to drive operational improvements across the new landscape? · Looking towards a better connected future

16:30 - 17:30 - Panel Discussion- Future opportunities and challenges facing the leading postal and parcel sectors.
This panel will focus on the future challenges facing the leading postal and parcel operators, implementation of new strategies and technologies and what this means for future leaders.

*This program may be subject to change


Konferenz 2017

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Halle 4
Route Francois-Peyrot 30

„Die Veranstaltung ist jedes Jahr sehr gut. Ich mag die Messe, es ist wichtig, herzukommen und alle zu treffen. Ich finde, es ist wichtig zu erfahren, was in der Branche so los ist.“
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„Es handelt sich um eine äußerst wichtige Veranstaltung und wir sind begeistert. Wir haben viel gesehen, das uns definitiv dabei helfen wird, unser Unternehmen weiter wachsen zu lassen und zu verbessern.“
Faleh Mohammad Al-Naemi, Vorsitzender des Vorstands und Geschäftsführer, THE QATAR POSTAL SERVICE COMPANY, KATAR
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„Die Veranstaltung eignet sich hervorragend zum Networking mit Menschen aus aller Welt, um Neues aus der Branche zu erfahren. Und um über gemeinsame Erfahrungen bei Bemühungen zur Umgestaltung zu sprechen, die viele Postunternehmen durchführen müssen.“
Sascha Hower, Group Chief Operating Officer, SINGAPORE POST, SINGAPUR
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„Die Veranstaltung ist äußerst nützlich, da wir die Gelegenheit zum Networking haben, Besucher und Lieferanten treffen können und auch einige Neuigkeiten erfahren können. In unserer Branche finden ständig Innovationen statt, und meiner Meinung nach ist es ein gutes Forum.“
Colin Campbell, Leiter für Umwelt und soziale Verantwortung, POSTEN NORGE, NORWEGEN
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„Ich denke, es ist ein gutes Forum für Postunternehmen, um zu erfahren, was sich an Innovation bei den Postdiensten tut.“
Nixon Gecheo, Mitglied des Universal Services Advisory Council, COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY OF KENYA, KENIA
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„Die Messe bietet eine Gelegenheit für alle, Neues zu erfahren, insbesondere in diesem Bereich.“
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„Die gesamte Postlieferkette ist hier vertreten – großartig!“
Antonino Scribellito, Projektmanager, Safepost, POSTEUROP, BELGIEN
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„Man hat viel Zeit, ein tolles Publikum, und wir können Anforderungen und Transitdetails besprechen.“
JÜRGEN KISTERS, Globaler Leiter Post, Transport und Casino, WINCOR NIXDORF, DEUTSCHLAND
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„Die Veranstaltung ist sehr gut, wir sind am selben Ort wie unsere Kunden, an dem das meiste Interesse für unsere Fahrzeuge besteht – der perfekte Ort, um unsere Fahrzeuge und Dienstleistungen vorzustellen.“
Win Neidlinger, Leiter Geschäftsentwicklung, STREETSCOOTER, DEUTSCHLAND
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„Die Qualität der Besucher hier ist gut, und wir können alle wichtigen Leute treffen.“
Jens Alder, Vertriebsleiter – Post und Logistik, OCS CHECKWEIGHERS, DEUTSCHLAND
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„Die meisten Teilnehmer, mit denen wir gesprochen haben, waren Führungskräfte, CEOs oder Vizepräsidenten von großen Organisationen, Postunternehmen oder großen Frachtorganisationen. Aus unserer Perspektive ein tolles Ergebnis.“
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Bo Helmer Larsen, Vertriebsleiter, LYNGSOE SYSTEMS, DÄNEMARK
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„Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Letztes Jahr in Stockholm war schon toll, aber in diesem Jahr ist die Messe meiner Meinung nach noch besser.“
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„Der E-Commerce floriert neben der Postbranche, daher lasse ich mir die Messe nicht entgehen – eine Veranstaltung, bei der ich mir ganz sicher sein kann, dass sie von allen besucht wird.“
Indrek Oolup, Mitbegründer, CLEVERON, ESTLAND
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„TPG stellte erstmals auf der Post-Expo 2016 in Hongkong aus. Wir haben gute und leistungsstarke asiatische Partner für TPG gefunden. Ich hoffe, dieses Jahr auf der Post-Expo 2017 in Genf neue europäische und amerikanische Partner zu finden.“
Poorang Danesh, Geschäftsführer, TPG International and Domestic Express, Iran
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