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Precia Molen

Featuring a new modern design, as well as improved digital connectivity, the 3-30 version of Precia Molen’s Ci10-P/Ci50-P weighing scales is perfectly suited to integration with new, open-plan, customer-oriented, multi-service post offices.
The solution offers a broad weighing capacity, from the smallest letters to parcels weighing up to 30kg (66 lb), while maintaining optimal accuracy and compliance with industry regulations and requirements.
With a patented shock protection device, the instrument provides long-lasting performance in a world where self-service is key. Hyper connectable, the device features classic links including RS232, USB and Ethernet, as well as Bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities that are essential when connecting to mobile terminals that provide post office customers with new self-service digital offerings.
The scales’ accompanying colour display terminal also provides a versatile advertising medium at no extra cost to the postal operator. The range includes any combination of digital and graphic displays, along with three standard
sizes: 240 x 200mm, 325 x 225mm and 350 x 350mm.
Stand 1110

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Future Show: POST-EXPO 2019, 1-3 October 2019, Hall 8, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands