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POST-EXPO will mark the official launch of Duplo International’s new DM Mini Collation System, designed to extend the productivity and in-line processes of its current Esper Collator. Operated from a centrally located PC, the system offers in-line labelling, stacking and banding of unaddressed mail sets, to deliver up to 30% higher productivity. There is also an option to improve performance and workflow by adding Duplo’s unique E-Tandem software, which provides management that assists job optimisation, job reporting, job file transfer and technical e-diagnostics.
Also on show will be the new DM230V PRO Collator model, offering higher bin capacity and thicker document production. Designed as a compact solution to answer the problem of creating low-volume mailing packs, it incorporates Duplo’s paper feeding expertise, collating a wide variety of leaflets, brochures and other pre-printed advertising material into a set with a loose wraparound cover.
Duplo’s low-cost systems are the ideal next step to manual collating, for 100% set integrity; or as a complement to larger automated systems, for higher short-run productivity, and faster return on investment. Their relatively low cost, low maintenance and simple installation suit organisations facing uncertain changes and challenges to their infrastructure.
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Future Show: POST-EXPO 2019, 1-3 October 2019, Hall 8, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands