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Mailroom Assistant

Mailroom Assistant is a modern mail handling solution that makes the manual sorting process easy and inspiring. It helps postal personnel by changing the memory-based operations to computer-assisted. This way, the number of errors is minimised and all operations are registered during the process.
Mailroom Assistant provides solutions for mail registration, handling, sorting, tracking and tracing. It enables full tracking of sending and receiving processes and helps in various support operations related to postal processes. Solutions are utilised in mail centres by national, commercial and in-house operators. Accurate optical character recognition (OCR) combined with intelligent software and sort-to-light functionality results in class-leading performance. Mailroom Assistant is scalable and can be adapted to suit changing work volumes. Users can begin with one station and easily extend to more at a later date. All Mailroom Assistant products are modular and form an integrated and efficient solution to suit a variety of requirements.
Mailroom Assistant has perfected the ergonomics and usability of manual sorting and can be adjusted for different user needs and working situations. The camera unit is centralised for easy access at all times. Sort-to-light functionality helps ensure that every mailpiece ends up in the correct place. By using Mailroom Assistant, posts can make time savings by reducing the number of errors and removing memory-based operations.
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Future Show: POST-EXPO 2019, 1-3 October 2019, Hall 8, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands