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Future show dates:

Post Expo 2018
Dates: 9-11 October 2018
Location: Hamburg , Germany

Future show dates:

Post Expo 2019
Dates: 1-3 October 2019
Location: Hall 8, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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POST-EXPO presents the industry-leading conference on strategy, business and innovation

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Day 2

Wednesday 27 September

09:00 - 12:30 - Automation and the future of sorting
Room Q/R

How are emerging leading-edge technologies transforming
parcel and letter operations such as sorting, storage and
delivery? How can smart systems, advanced automation and
use of robotics and autonomous vehicles increase efficiency
and reduce costs? How can the complexity of optimization,
sequencing and time critical logistics be addressed with digital

Richard Wishart, enterprise architect (technology + business), Delivery Management Ltd, UK

09:00 - SmartLink: optimised unloading dock assignment at cross-docking centres
Dr Eva Savelsberg, senior vice president, Inform GmbH, GERMANY
With digitisation in postal operations widely accepted, concepts like big data, business intelligence and AI promise to change data into insights. However, the optimisation of processes requires more than just data analysis; it requires action. Inform’s latest software innovation, SmartLink, features a direct link between a hub's sorters and all inbound loading units, allowing hubs to balance peaks and troughs within their sorting centres, leading to improved overall hub utilisation. Starting with an overview of queueing system theory and building to real-world applications of the SmartLink technology, the presentation will deliver a uniquely relevant educational experience.

09:15 - Augmenting your Sorting Reality
Nadine Herrwerth, account director, Prime Vision BV, NETHERLANDS
Mail and parcel sortation has come a long way, from manual sortation to automated processing. In a time-constrained environment, it is these processes that need to be ever faster, reliable and cost-efficient. Customers are increasingly demanding more flexibility. Robotics and autonomous vehicles are the next step to augment the sortation process, as these don't require the same level of capital investment, can be quickly assembled rather than requiring lead times of easily a year, and can provide a perfect sortation centre in temporary accommodation. The future of parcel sortation and logistics is flexible, modular and augmented with the latest technologies.

09:30 - Challenges of rapid cross-border online shopping growth to National Mail operators
Gavin Macrae, senior vice president, business development, Mailroom Assistant, FINLAND
ross border online shopping keeps growing globally at an annual rate of around 25%. This causes pressure to most postal operators as delivery of Far East parcels is currently not profitable for them. And this is not likely to change in the near future as changes in Far East labeling practices and label format standardisation happen slowly but the parcel volume keeps going up fast. One way to improve the profitability for the operators is to make the handling of Far East parcels more efficient by minimising the handling time of parcels. This can be achieved with the help of an OCR and combined software intelligence.

09:45 - Are robots and AGV’s the gamechanger for loose load?
Rob Qualm, market director parcel, Vanderlande, NETHERLANDS
New technologies will force us to re-evaluate existing solutions for loading and unloading trucks at the sorting centre. What is the potential of robots and AGVs in loading and unloading trucks, and how will they have a positive impact on the total cost of ownership of the supply chain? The presentation will discuss how to find the right balance in loading/unloading time, load optimisation, gentle handling and asset management.

10:00 - Q&A

10:15 - 10:45 - Break

10:45 - Digitalisation and last-mile delivery
Dr Thomas Bayer, vice president business development logistics IT, Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH, GERMANY
Last-mile operation for parcels is labour intensive and bears a significant share of overall delivery costs. With increasing parcel volumes and high variations in daily load, parcel operators face the challenge to efficiently organise their last-mile operations. In addition, individualisation drives further complexity into the process when customers increasingly define time and place of delivery. Siemens will demonstrate that significant costs can be saved by digitalisation and big data approaches taking individualisation into account.

11:00 - Disruptive parcel sorter – minimise cost, maximise scale and revenue
Sverker Lindbo, head of concept development, Ocado, UK
Parcel distribution is ready for disruption. A new development from fulfilment logistics offers up to 500,000 parcels per hour sorted and sequenced to individual distribution vans in one fully automated process, at a fraction of the cost of current technology. Additionally, millions of parcels can be stored within the sorter, allowing additional savings in transport as well as additional revenue from shippers and recipients. This is here and now. The patented technology has been in commercial operations for almost one year in Ocado's latest grocery fulfilment centre in the UK, and is now ready for parcel distribution.

11:15 - Optimising automation ROI through multi-pass sequencing
Jon Lunglhofer, senior key account manager, USS, an Intelligrated Company now part of Honeywell, USA
With letter and flats volume on the decline and parcel volume on the rise, the modern post can increase the ROI from existing automation through intelligent network engineering and retrofit. Recent advances, such as cost-effective, high-density storage and retrieval systems, coupled with advanced simulation and control software, enable multi-pass sequencing operations using existing equipment. Two opportunities for optimisation were examined: 1)Simulation reveals a cost-effective retrofit opportunity, preserving existing letter sorting equipment while increasing throughput at lower operating cost; 2) Sorting automation coupled with high-density storage and retrieval enables zone skipping for optimal shipping costs.

11:30 - Toshiba robotics and image recognition systems for postal and logistics
Yuji Sakurai, head of electronic systems operation, Toshiba Europe GmbH, GERMANY
In today's rapidly changing postal and logistics environment, postal and logistics operators are under considerable pressure to change business models, seek new revenues and adapt to differing product mixes. In response to this situation, Toshiba has introduced picking and infeed robots for postal and logistic operations. Toshiba will present image recognition and object grasping with pattern matching for variously shaped packets and parcels. Toshiba's image recognition capability is a unique advantage for picking technology. Other Toshiba product lines for the postal and logistics industries will also be introduced.

11:45 - Solystic: innovative solutions for the mail and parcel industry
Maurizio Puppo, head of marketing & communication, Solystic SAS, FRANCE
Every day, hundreds of millions of goods, parcels, packages and mailpieces move around the world, along the road to our houses. In more than 20 countries, on five continents, most of these items are sorted, routed, tracked and prepared for delivery by Solystic solutions. Solystic provides operators in the postal and parcel industry with solutions for e-commerce logistics, B2C delivery preparation, mixed mail sorting and automatic resolution of delivery addresses. The company helps customers meet growing demand, to be ahead of the competition, to make their businesses profitable.

12:00 - 13:00 - Panel Discussion- Automation and the Future of sorting/Innovative technologies and solutions.
This panel will focus on Innovative technologies, re-evaluating current solutions and the positive potential of robotics. How can they best be implemented and cost effective, what is the key to finding the right balance?
Pierre Audic, business development manager postal, Alfi Technologies, FRANCE
Massimiliano Fochetti, chief sales officer, Fives Intralogistics SpA, ITALY
Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO, Unmanned Life
Grant Miller, COO, Pitney Bowes, USA

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch

*This program may be subject to change


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❝ The event is a very good one, like every year. I like this event, it is very important to come and very meet everybody. It’s very important to hear from everybody what is going on. ❞
Paul-Marie Chavanne, CEO, DPDGROUP, FRANCE
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❝ It is a very important event and we are excited. We have seen a lot of things and it will definitely help our business to grow and improve. ❞
Faleh Mohammad Al-Naemi, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, THE QATAR POSTAL SERVICE COMPANY, QATAR
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❝ This event is great for networking with people all over the world to learn new things from the industry. To share joint experiences in transformation efforts that many posts are going through. ❞
Sascha Hower, Group Chief Operating Officer, SINGAPORE POST, SINGAPORE
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❝ The event is very useful because we get to network, we get to meet people and to meet suppliers and also to learn some new things. There’s lots of innovation going on in our business and I think it’s a good forum. ❞
Colin Campbell, Director Environment and Social Responsibility, NORWAY POST, NORWAY
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❝ I think it’s a good forum for postal people to really learn about what’s happening in terms of innovation in postal services. ❞
Nixon Gecheo, Member of the Universal Service Advisory Council, COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY OF KENYA, KENYA
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❝ It’s an opportunity for everybody, especially in this area to find new things. ❞
Dinca Dragos, IT&C Director, ROMANIA POST, ROMANIA
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❝ It’s a really great because all the postal supply chain is here, represented. ❞
Antonino Scribellito, Project Manager, Safepost, POSTEUROP, BELGIUM
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❝ Here you have a lot of time, great audience and we can discuss the kind of requirements and transit details. ❞
JURGEN KISTERS, Global Industry Head Postal, Transportation and Casino, WINCOR NIXDORF, GERMANY
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❝ It’s very good, we’re right here where our clients are, where the most interest for our vehicles are, so it’s the perfect space for us to showcase our vehicles and our services. ❞
Win Neidlinger, Director Business Development, STREETSCOOTER, GERMANY
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❝ It’s a very good quality of visitors here, so we meet all the important people. ❞
Jens Alder, Sales Director – Mail and Logistics, OCS CHECKWEIGHERS, GERMANY
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❝ Most of the people we’ve been talking to have been C level, CEOs, Vice-Presidents of these big organisations, or these postal organisations, of these large freight organisations, so it’s been an outstanding result from our perspective. ❞
Wayne Souter, Chief Executive Officer, TRACKERSENSE, UK
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❝ We’ve had some new, interesting prospects from the Middle East and also from Asia. ❞
Bo Helmer Larsen, Sales Director, LYNGSOE SYSTEMS, DENMARK
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❝ I am very happy with it. Last year in Stockholm was great, but I think this show does much better, so I’m very happy with the show. ❞
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❝ E-commerse is booming along side with that the postal industry, it’s definitely the place to be and to have one event where you can be assured that everybody is going to be here. ❞
Indrek Oolup, Co-Founder, CLEVERON, ESTONIA
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❝ TPG exhibited for the first time at Post-Expo 2016 in Hong Kong. We found good and powerful Asian partners for TPG. I hope to find new European and American partners this year at Post-Expo 2017 in Geneva. ❞
Poorang Danesh, Managing Director, TPG International and Domestic Express, Iran
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