Parcel Expo 2016, 13 & 14 May 2016, Singapore

Delivering productivity, innovation and services

We are excited to announce that the International event POST-EXPO will combine together with Parcel Expo Asia for 2016, to host the leading global event for the world’s postal, parcel and express business. The show will take place in Hong Kong on the 24, 25 & 26 May at Asia World Expo.

Over 3 days the Post Expo conference will present the World Postal Business Forum, in association with the Universal Postal Union, the Innovation Conference, and new for 2016 The International Cross Border Commerce Conference.

Alongside the conference, the exhibition will showcase the very latest innovations, technology and services available to postal, parcel and express companies, including:

  • Digital marketing and e-commerce technology
  • Warehousing and order fulfillment
  • Automation, sorting and handling
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Last-mile delivery and returns
  • Customer development and services
  • Networks and distribution channels
  • Cross-border integration
  • Security and safety issues

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24, 25 & 26
MAY 2016

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❝ The event is a very good one, like every year. I like this event, it is very important to come and meet everybody. It’s very important to hear from everybody what is going on. ❞
Paul-Marie Chavanne, CEO, DPDGROUP
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❝ It is a very important event and we are excited. We have seen a lot of things and it will definitely help our business to grow and improve. ❞
Faleh Mohammed Al-Naemi, Chairman of the board and managing director, THE QATAR POSTAL SERVICE COMPANY
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❝ This event is great for networking with people all over the world, to learn new things from the industry, and to share joint experiences in transformation efforts that many posts are going through. ❞
Sascha Hower, Group chief operating officer, SINGAPORE POST
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❝ The event is very useful because we get to network. We get to meet people and to meet suppliers and also to learn some new things. There’s lots of innovation going on in our business and I think it’s a good forum. ❞
Colin Campbell, Director environment and social responsibility, NORWAY POST
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❝ I think it’s a good forum for postal people to really learn about what’s happening in terms of innovation in postal services. ❞
Nixon Gecheo, Member of the Universal Service Advisory Council, COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY OF KENYA
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❝ It’s an opportunity for everybody, especially in this area, to find new things. ❞
Dinca Dragos, IT&C director, ROMANIA POST
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❝ It’s really great because all the postal supply chain is represented here. ❞
Antonino Scribellito, Project manager, Safepost, POSTEUROP
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❝ Here you have a lot of time, a great audience and we can discuss the kinds of requirements and transit details. ❞
JUERGEN KISTERS, Global industry head postal, transportation and casino, WINCOR NIXDORF
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❝ It’s very good. We’re right here where our clients are, where the most interest for our vehicles is, so it’s the perfect space for us to showcase our vehicles and our services. ❞
Win Neidlinger, Director business development, STREETSCOOTER
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❝ There’s a very good quality of visitors here, so we meet all the important people. ❞
Jens Alder, Sales director – mail and logistics, OCS CHECKWEIGHERS
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❝ Most of the people we’ve been talking to have been C level, CEOs, vice presidents of big organisations, postal organisations, large freight organisations, so it’s been an outstanding result from our perspective. ❞
Wayne Souter, Chief executive officer, TRACKERSENSE
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❝ We’ve had some new, interesting prospects from the Middle East and also from Asia. ❞
Bo Helmer Larsen, Sales director, LYNGSOE SYSTEMS
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❝ I am very happy with it. Last year in Stockholm was great, but I think this show does much better, so I’m very happy with the show. ❞
Johan Hoelen, Global account manager CEP market, VAN RIET MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS
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❝ E-commerce is booming alongside the postal industry, so this is definitely the place to be – one event where you can be assured that everybody is going to be here. ❞
Indrek Oolup, Co-founder, CLEVERON
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